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Finally a cosmetic that is a treasure for our feet and beyond.

Why call it a treasure? Because it is a unique cosmetic, unprecedented in beauty products. Shibeba “dresses” our feet excellently, not only by perfuming them, but making them soft, supple and again lively and very light, as no ointment has done so far.

A cosmetic with exclusive organoleptic qualities without similar on the market, never used in modern cosmetics.

An incomparable texture, a product, a treasure, born from the thirty years of experience of its creator, together with university professors and expert biologists .

Finally the “magic cosmetic” for our extremities. The first in the world.

Unique. Never thought. Amazing active ingredients. Silky, soft, scented for “oriental nights” and more, an absolute uniqueness with a surprising result.

Feet more beautiful than your hands at last.

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Nectar to be applied everywhere, but especially to those who are the first to get up and the last to go to sleep.

Not only the face, which does not work compared to them, must have excellent creams, now they also have a cosmetic with a capital C. Shibeba is the result of years of dedication, work, tenacity in the study of what best served the aesthetic-functional benefit.

For millennia the natives sprinkle their feet with unique African butters , highly protective, velvety, able to protect them from walking and running in the barefoot savannah.

In the same way the Indians of the Amazon river, during the first night of marriage, before the magical moment in which they gave themselves, sprinkled their body with one of the butters that make up the Shibeba .

In the Eastern nights the concubines sprinkled their extremities with refined honeys and the Chinese vestals perfumed them with Amber and Vanilla before giving themselves to the emperors.

Here is the magical union. All this with love now dedicated to you and them.

Precious African and Amazonian butters, which the Indigenous and Indios have used for millennia to protect from the dangers of their barren, hard earth, body and feet. The latter especially, regain silkiness and softness. Still unknown to cosmetologists.


Heliantus oil : obtained by low pressure extraction from the seeds of Heliantus officinalis, a plant that grows on the Mediterranean and in sub-mountain areas: and contains triglycerides of mostly unsaturated fatty acids, characterized by high percentage (about 20-25%) of gamma linolenic acid (constituent of VIt F). It is in fact used both in the food and in the cosmetic field precisely for the other content of this polyunsaturated fatty acid that provides the skin with nourishing factors and restoring normal functionality, significantly reducing the negative effects caused by age, reduced blood circulation and from excessive exposure to sunlight.
Acai oil : oil extracted from the euterpe oleracea plant, a botanical species of the Amazon rainforest.
Aloe vera : gel is a polysaccharide hydrocolloid extracted from the fresh juice of Aloe barbadensis leaves and consists of water, polysaccharides, lipids, sterols and tannins. It is used in the cosmetic field for its soothing, emollient, moisturizing, protective and anti-redness properties, effective in maintaining or restoring skin elasticity. For external use it is therefore indicated to treat skin aging, wounds, burns and erythema, as a skin anti-inflammatory and as a healing agent.
Zinc oxide : restorative, antibacterial and soothing. In fact, scientific studies have shown how zinc oxide can act on the skin by creating an unfavorable micro-environment for microbial development and the activity of some biochemical mediators including those of inflammation.
Cupuaçu : The plant is called Theobroma grandiflorum and, as the name implies, is a relative of cocoa. A butter with a particular concentration of oleic, linolenic, stearic and palmitic acids is extracted from the seeds of the fruit. Cupuaçu butter, with superior performance to that of Shea butter, has exceptional moisturizing, repairing, elasticizing and restorative properties. Today little used, because little known, Cupuaçu butter will soon be the discovery of European and American cosmetologists, who will pay it the same awards today given to Shea butter (Shea butter).
Sardinian honey : strawberry tree and myrtle, sublime for their specificities still unknown to many: emollient, elasticizing, protective, waterproofing, re-acidifying, hyper nourishing and moisturizing.
• Fragrances of amber vanilla , essence of oriental nights.
Azulene : whose color reminds us of the sky at dusk, which thanks to its known anti-inflammatory properties, restores our feet to strength, preparing them again for “battles”, encounters, travels and to our most varied pleasures … active ingredient extracted from chamomile oil with a strongly decongestant action suitable for sensitive areas.
Bisabolol : active ingredient extracted from the oil of Matricaria recutita, epidermal stress marked protective action by saprophytic agents.